Melifera Gift Box


Enjoy the experience of our artisanal and organic French Gin in its tasting box.

A gift box thought of as a story, like a book that is opened to discover a treasure.
Our Gin’s bottle finds its case here, recounting the inspiration of Melifera, a walk through the dunes, beach memories, scents of the immortelle, angelica, maceron, warm and flowery scents …

Inside this box, we have slipped our best cocktail recipes to accompany you in tasting our Gin. You access it directly by scanning the QR code.
This gift box is ideal for spoiling aesthetic gourmets eager for great tastings.

Bottle of 70 cl and 43%.

Our Melifera Gin is also available in a version without a box: Discover our Gin.



A great gin

A great Gin which gives a floral taste to Gin Tonic and which also goes very well in a Negroni !

Patrick P.


Reconcilied with gin

Finally tasted ! It reconciled me with Gin ! Very good and very subtle taste.

Cédric D.


Fast and effective

I received my package at my door in less than 48 hours, thank you for your efficiency, I can’t wait to taste !

Thomas P.

We ship to France and in other European countries, take a look at the list and conditions here.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation

Melifera Gin also exists without a box

Our French, artisanal and biological gin transmits our passion for the immortelle flower.

ts subtle balance resulting from the perfect marriage of juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, immortelle, maceron and other native plants instantly transports you to memories of the beach, walks in the dunes, warm and flowery scents.

Bottle of 70 cl and 43%.

The Unanimous press

Who salutes our subtletly


« Of great poetry, which will seduce the epicureans of the first hour »

Le Figaro Magazine, le 26 février 2021


In the current Gins for the JDD, « pretty bouquet of wild flowers from the ocean (…) supporting a light but controlled taste palette ».

The JDD, October 25, 2020.


« Search for finesse (…) precise, complex and frank flavors. Melifera reflects the spirit of the island of Oleron, where the immortal is queen. »

M le magazine du Monde, February 7, 2021.


« A great discovery »

Whisky Mag, March 9, 2021

How to taste Melifera

Our cocktails ideas




Gin Tonic


London Mule

By buying a bottle of Melifera


Melifera celebrates the timelessness of a magical place and the immortelle flower, preserving biodiversity.

By deciding years ago to plant our own immortelle plants in Oléron and harvest them by hand.

By funding genetic tests for the Black Bee Conservatory in Oléron, in order to protect these essential workers.

This is our way of combining eco-responsible consumption and doing well.

Share Melifera's commitments


Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health.
Drink responsibly.

Our packaging may be subject to recycling instructions.
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