Discover the 3 manufacturing secrets of the Edizione Corsa for a Different Corsican Gin


We design our premium French spirits by collaborating with trusted people who share our values. Our brand from Charente, that first created Melifera, an artisanal organic gin made on the Atlantic Coast, never ceases to surprise you by seeking new interpretations of the immortelle flower. With the Edizione Corsa, we take you into the Corsican maquis where the Mediterranean warmth gently envelops your senses. Some notes of cistus and myrtle, a desire to take you on a unique walk amid immortelle-lined paths. At Melifera, we want to go a step further: respect for biodiversity, unique know-how and unparalleled flavors, these are the magic ingredients to make a singular artisanal French gin. Join us behind the scenes of Melifera. Discover 3 manufacturing secrets for a unique Corsican Gin that will not leave you indifferent.



Unique Corsican Gin Edizione Corsa: respecting biodiversity above all else

Melifera is above all an emotion. That of memories back from the beach inspired by immortelle scents. The desire to capture this perfume and share it.

It is also the desire to respect this flower and the nature that protects it.

Producing a gin based on organic immortelle while respecting nature is the first secret of making our original spirits.

In this brand new Corsican Gin, you will find the same values that have guided us for Melifera: that of the cultivation of an organic immortelle flower without pesticides, those of sustainable development and protection of biodiversity (by protecting in particular the black bee, Apis Mellifera Mellifera) as well as that of local partnerships.

Cécile and Christophe Amigorena, creators of Melifera, have traveled to Northern Corsica to carry out an artisanal immortelle harvest with billhook and knotted sheet in hand, in partnership with a local producer.

The two enthusiasts attach great importance to doing things correctly to cultivate immortelle while simultaneously preserving nature. They are focused on creating powerful connections with the territory and local actors to produce a French spirit that stands out.



Local Immortelle in a Unique Corsican Gin

An island, a flower, a legend…

Having Melifera travel to Corsica seemed obvious to us.

Because the immortal is queen there, and because it too is an island of magic and enchantment, land of legends and mysteries.

Napoleon claimed that he could sail eyes closed and know he was approaching the coasts of his island only by smelling immortelle.

It is also a desire to play with the different immortelle flavors associated with the olfactory richness of the Corsican lands that guided us to the creation of the Edizione Corsa.

It is by respecting this Corsican identity that we wanted to associate the Corsican immortelle with Melifera:

  • The immortal is queen in Corsica.
  • It grows under every stone and along every path.
  • It is intimately linked to Corsican history and culture.
  • All Corsican families use it.
  • Immortelle, even after harvest, retains its color and fragrance.
  • It is a symbol of beauty and eternal youth due to its properties.
  • It is an ideal and obvious component to create a unique Corsican Gin.

Let yourself be consumed by magic. Opt for a Unique Corsican Gin.

Edizione Corsa, a rare know-how in a Unique Corsican Gin

Aware of, and respectful of the natural wealth and heritage of Corsica, our committed brand makes every effort to establish solid links with partners of choice and harvest an organic immortelle with the greatest respect for the local environment.

In fact, for our new range of French gin, we continue to show our strong desire to do things right.

It is by collaborating with Catherine Sanci, producer of organic immortelle in Saint Florent for a major cosmetic brand, and above all a pure Corsican, that Melifera maintains its commitments to sustainable quality production. After all, it is by choosing the best that we make much more than just an aromatic and artisanal gin.

This collaboration is synonymous with great encounters and exchanges of know-how. Her talent being recognized for years, Catherine has provided her advice and accompanied Christophe and Cécile-Julie in a harvest around two very specific artisanal methods:

By hand: on private property in agreement with the producers, with billhook and knotted sheet, preserving biodiversity and wildflowers (remember that wild picking of immortelle is prohibited)

By tractor: on Catherine’s plantations, with strict precision to personalize the cut to each flower.

To develop this unique Corsican Gin, Cécile and Christophe witnessed a steam distillation of the immortelle flowers harvested with Catherine. After harvest, the kilos of flowers are placed in a steam still to produce a distillate, a marvelous concentrate of bewitching scents.

And it is indeed the organic immortelle from Corsica, combined with that from the island of Oleron, which gives all its power and character to the French gin Melifera. Edizione Corsa owes all its grandeur to the organoleptic power of this unique flower, and other equally fragrant species, combined with exceptional craftsmanship.



Unique Corsican Gin with Mediterranean undertones

Smell, inhale, breathe, absorb the delicate fragrances of Corsican organic immortelle flowers, subtly distilled to concoct a unique artisanal French gin.

Journey along with us through fragrant hills, majestic cliffs, and paradise-like beaches. Discover the exoticism of the island of beauty through a Unique Corsican Gin.

Explore new senses divinely associated with the immortelle! Let yourself be immersed in Mediterranean scents for a lyrical voyage in the heart of the island of beauty.

Our artisanal gin with organic immortelle is filled of many secrets. This is what makes it powerful yet subtle at the same time. Melt for the myrtle, emblem of the Corsican maquis which gives it its unique fragrance. Swoon for the subtle notes of cistus, king of the garrigue, combined with dried immortelle to match perfectly with juniper berries.

In total, we use no less than 18 rigorously chosen botanicals to achieve a perfect and harmonious ensemble.

Oh so you want to know everything? We already told you it is also its little secrets that makes our aromatic gin magical…

What we can tell you for sure, is that the alliances with the people and their talents allow us to create an authentic and unique French Gin, inspired by this island of beauty. The Corsican environment and its richness inspire us. We want to enhance local biodiversity. We want you to experience a magical and sensory escapade.

How to savor the Edizione Corsa, Unique Corsican Gin Corse?

You can enjoy Melifera’s latest artisanal French gin in various ways:

  • Pure at room temperature: Do not put it in the refrigerator; it would lose some of its aromas
  • Alone at first, then by adding a nice ice cube: this is where the flavors reveal themselves best; you will refresh the flavors and let all the subtleties of the Edizione Corsa express themselves.
  • Gin and tonic is always a good idea, choosing a good tonic and adding lots of ice cubes
  • Finally, in a cocktail, the Edizione corsa works wonders. It works very well in Negroni and has inspired other recipes that we share with you.


Do you know our Murza cocktail?

  • 20 ml of Corsica Edition Gin.
  • 20ml Audemus Sepia Bitter.
  • 20 cl Lillet red.
  • 20 ml of maraschino liqueur.
  • Garnish: maraschino cherry or thin slice of orange.

And to find out more about all our cocktails:



If you don’t know Melifera’s latest artisanal French gin, the Edizione corsa yet, here are 3 good reasons to fall for our new original and authentic spirit. From the Atlantic to Corsica, our Charente-based brand has brilliantly combined unique know-how and extraordinary flavors to concoct a completely unique drink and create original cocktails! You too can try a completely new Corsican Gin.

Reinvent your cocktails!

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