Discover Melifera’s trends for discovering and drinking gin in summer


Who said gin should only be drunk at home?

Ahhh the sweetness of a summer evening by the water with friends or on a picnic in the cool of a forest. At Melifera, we attach particular importance to the image that our organic French gin reflects. The flavours you’ll find when you uncork the bottle, or the aromas that will gradually reveal themselves on your palate. The Melifera world also means enjoying the scenery that surrounds you when you discover our aromatic gins for the first time or more. Are you short of ideas and inspiration for serving your Melifera organic immortelle gin? Want to know how to drink gin in summer? Here are a few summer trends to help you enjoy an exceptional organic French spirit all summer long. Here we go, and enjoy your holidays!



1. Drinking gin in summer: simply with your feet in the water

Did you know? Our organic French gin from Melifera was born of an emotion straight out of the dunes. It’s a feeling full of fond memories of returning to the beach.

Let’s talk about the beach.

That great expanse of sand that tickles the ocean. The waves, powerful and fascinating, swallowing up shells and golden grains and taking them with them. The typical smell, iodised and salty, invigorating and something you want to take in at the top of your lungs. Those little paths that you walk along at the end of the day when the sun takes on a new hue. Exceptional light. And then these dunes dotted here and there with little golden spots. It’s as if a painter’s brush has laid gold leaf everywhere.

What are they? The immortelle flower, the symbol of our brand.

It’s what inspired us to create our organic French gin.

So imagine an evening out with friends…. The kind that ends a pleasant day by the sea, ideal for drinking gin in summer. What could be better than a good organic immortelle gin to keep a bit of the sea and summer flavours in your head? The beach towels are lined up and the sun is still high in the sky. The more daring will dare to try a Bloody Mary on the beach, a blend of spices and peppers. Those in a hurry will be pulling out chilled bottles of Tonic from their coolers to enjoy a classic, quite simply. Classic gin or Corsican gin, the choice is yours!

Are you one of those people who like to spend a pleasant moment with friends by the pool? The bar is set against a backdrop of recycled pallets and candles perfectly placed on the terrace. We love it!

You can then serve our organic immortelle gin as a Gin Fizz: the classic revolutionised with lemon and sparkling water for a touch of freshness. Don’t forget to get out the shaker!

Finally, drinking gin in summer with your feet in the water could well be the secret of a good tasting organic French spirit.



Share your best waterside photos with an organic immortelle gin

2. Simple country tunes for summer gin drinking

Is it the country air you prefer to enjoy your organic immortelle gin?

Let us tell you a secret: at Melifera, we love the smell of maritime pines in the forest.

It’s true, after all, this immortelle flower grown on the island of Oléron could very well be found on the edge of a forest. Whatever the case, there’s nothing like a cool picnic under the trees to drink gin in summer and fully appreciate the discovery of an exceptional organic French gin.


A pretty chequered tablecloth spread out on a bit of fresh moss, a wicker basket with delicious victuals, a small cool box to keep all the freshness of an aromatic gin Made in Charente, and there you have it. Or almost. All that’s left to do is open your bottle of Melifera and serve an aperitif we’ll be hearing all about.

Would you like some ideas for cocktails to impress your guests? It’s over here: because at Melifera, we like to spoil you with surprising recipes.



Protecting the environment is an integral part of our philosophy. It goes without saying that a picnic in the forest, accompanied by a good organic French spirit, must be accompanied by respect for the environment. For Melifera, it’s inconceivable that a picnic in the forest should be accompanied by litter or a lack of fire safety.

For you, drinking gin in summer goes hand in hand with the image of your family reunited under a pretty pergola full of flowers and shade? Summer is the time for impromptu aperitifs at home and long-awaited barbecues. Perfect for serving an original organic French gin: Melifera gin with immortelle flower.

A little tip for drinking your organic immortelle gin chilled: there’s no need to put your bottle of Melifera aromatic gin in the fridge, as it will lose all its flavour. Place one or two large bottles of water in your freezer. Once frozen, place them in the cooler. This will prevent your gin from warming up. And don’t forget the ice cubes to bring out all the Melifera flavours. Perfect for enjoying an organic French spirit in the best possible conditions!



3. Drinking gin in summer: a time for special occasions

What would July and August be without some great summer gin drinking?

Let our organic immortelle gin be your guest on the most beautiful day of your life. Immortalise your vin d’honneur as it should be and let the emotions take over and take their rightful place on this exceptional day.

Splendid engraved bottles are sure to create a sensation on your tables. Your guests will first be surprised by the elegant and exceptional design of our Melifera bottles, custom-made in a workshop in Dieppe. These finely painted bottles delicately depict the immortelle flower, sublime in the shape of a crown and a nod to Napoleon. A first in Europe! In fact, they won the innovation and design award at this year’s PLD Innovation Amards in 2022, in the Spirits & Liquors – Premium & Luxury category.

But that’s just the beginning! And if our Melifera organic French gin was created by an emotion, it’s our desire to pass it on to you for your wedding. Because our aromatic gin is all about happiness and laughter. Essential notions for drinking gin in summer.

Classic gin with immortelle flowers from the island of Oléron or Corsican gin with notes of maquis and myrtle, bring memories of the beach and summer to your ceremony. For the vin d’honneur or dessert, or why not the traditional “coup du milieu”, our organic French spirits will add a much sought-after touch of originality to your wedding day.

Create a surprise effect! On pretty white tablecloths, place a few large old-fashioned bonbonnières, very much in fashion, on the vin d’honneur tables! Dare to use the drinks fountains that are always a hit at weddings. And let your guests try their hand at different cocktails based on organic immortelle gin.

With your feet in the salt water, or your swimming pool, on the countryside or on the edge of a small wood, enjoy gin in all its forms to fully appreciate the flavours it has to offer. Bring happy emotions to your wedding day. In short, now you know how to drink gin in summer. It’s up to you now! And happy holidays.



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