Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees


The name of this Bee’s Knees recipe comes from a popular English expression meaning: “the best, the cream of the crop”.

If initially Bee’s Knees was recipe based on poorly distilled gin, today it is mostly concocted with quality gin. Here, we therefore offer you a Bee’s Knees recipe based on Melifera Gin where honey and lemon collaborate with the scent of immortelle.

It is a simple cocktail to make, its sweetness will surprise you and will surely ravish you.


Ingredients for the Bee's Knees cocktail

  • 50 ml of Gin Melifera
  • 20 ml lemon juice
  • 15 ml of honey water

Garnish: an immortelle flower


Preparation of the Bee's Knees cocktail

  • Start by making your honey water. To do this, dilute ¾ of honey in ¼ of hot water and leave to cool
  • Refresh your cocktail glass with crushed ice
  • Then pour 50 ml of Gin Melifera, 20 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of honey water into a shaker
  • Add a few ice cubes to your mixture then shake for a few seconds
  • Finally, transfer your mixture into your cocktail glass previously cooled with crushed ice, while filtering the ice cubes

Taste your Bee’s Knees!


Our little anecdote

The origin of this cocktail dates back to the 1920s and Prohibition, a period during which honey had the virtue of masking the taste of strong alcohol and poor quality. However, it is now mostly consumed with quality gin.


Our tips for a successful Bee’s Knees cocktail

It is a rather simple cocktail to make, but to ensure optimal results, we encourage you to opt for qualitative lemon juice and honey. As Melifera is a brand committed to preserving biodiversity and supporting local economy, we advise you to select organic squeezed lemon juice. In a perfect world, you would make your own juice with organic lemons from your favorite marketplace and buy your honey from one of your local beekeepers. Your cocktail’s flavors will only be increased and the pleasure in your mouth will only get better.

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