Our three-gin based cocktail recipes to celebrate spring

Inhale and drink up the awakening nature, warm up in the first rays of the sun, share and enjoy the days that are getting longer … And you, how do you imagine springtime ? Melifera whispers the answer with three gin-based cocktail recipes inspired by the first of four seasons. Three cocktails with notes of honey and lemon or aromatics and the ocean, to surprise you and boost your mood.

Spring ? At Melifera, we love it. Nature takes back its rights, the days win over the nights, the sun returns to heat the sand of the dunes. On the island d’Oleron, our teams are busy in immortelle fields : sowing, seeing growing, pampering.

Before the first signs of bloom, this summer, the golden flowers come to perfume your favorite gin. Something else delights our committed brand : the return of the bees who leave their hives with the mild temperatures and start to forage again. Two of the Melifera gin-based cocktail recipes, which we offer to you to celebrate spring, pay homage to them with a touch of honey.


Cocktail Bee’s knees ©Melifera

Our two recipes for Twists Cocktails made from gin and honey

Our guest of the season is honey, with its floral flavors and sweetness. In its recipes, Melifera uses it in honey water. To do yourself, nothing could be simpler !

Dilute 3/4 of honey in 1/4 of hot water (or 2/3 of honey in 1/3 of water for a less sweet flavor). Let cool. Honey water brings a natural sweetness to your cocktail. Lemon is added for the tangy and sunny note. Our two Cocktail Twists, the Bee’s Knees and the Gin to Perfect , are tasted in an elegant cup decorated with an immortelle flower for one and in a cup or a highball glass with a slice of dehydrated lemon for the other Tempted? We’ll tell you everything.

To make Bee’s Knees , a perfect match between gin and honey, pour 50 ml of your Melifera gin, 20 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of honey water into a shaker. Add the ice cubes then shake the ingredients vigorously for 12 seconds. Gently filter your cocktail through a sieve into a cup without forgetting the immortelle flower for decoration. It’s ready !


Cocktail Gin to Perfect ©Melifera

With the Gin to Perfect , reinvent your Gin & To. This cocktail combines the same ingredients as the Bee’s Knees, adding the tonic. Directly into a glass, pour 50 ml of Melifera gin, 20 ml of lemon and 15 ml of honey water. Finish with 100 ml of tonic. A turn of a spoon to mix, a slice of dehydrated lemon to decorate. And to enjoy, serve chilled.
To make your spring cocktail perfect, choose a quality tonic. We give you some tips here


Cocktail Teinture ©Melifera

Tincture, the Signature Melifera Spring Cocktail

The Konoisseur Cocktail Cabinet put all its creativity into developing a menu of authentic and avant-garde signature cocktails based on Melifera gin. For spring, dare Tincture, a surprising cocktail with ocean flavors and a touch of iodine tincture. The white vermouth brings its notes of aromatics and spices.

In a mixing glass filled with ice cubes used to assemble and cool the ingredients, pour 45 ml of Melifera gin, 10 ml of white vermouth and 2 ml of iodine tincture. A tincture to make yourself in a 5 ml jar by mixing 4 ml of gin, 0.5 ml of saline solution and 0.5 ml of black cuttlefish ink. Serve in a bowl without forgetting the small branch of herbs from the coast.


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