The Melifera box, the ideal father’s day gift

Are you looking for the perfect father’s day gift? Look no further. Melifera launched for the occasion a brand-new box that compliments its immortelle gin bottle perfectly. This box? It’s one of the 7 good reasons to satisfy epicurean dads and aesthetes, on next June 20th.

1 – Because Melifera is a unique gin

Bio, craft, 100% French and elaborated in Charente-Maritime… Need another good reason to convince you this spirit is unique? It is the only gin distilled with immortelle flowers. What makes it different: its slightly spiced perfume, floral and the delicate note of immortelle which comes at the end as a pleasant surprise factor. You end up wanting more!

2 – Because Melifera’s gin bottle was designed like an art piece

Conveying the codes of luxury, designed as a perfume bottle, Melifera’s bottle seduces. Its fabrication? A first in the European world spirits, the immortelle flower crown on the top of the bottle was colored in four-color process with ink projected at 360°. A technological exploit for this beautiful item that tells the tale of Alienor of Aquitaine, Oleron’s untamed beauty and the brand’s universe.


3 – Because with the brand new Melifera gin box, you are gifting a new unhear-of experience. All this without having to wrap your gift

The unheard-of is this box, a pioneer in the gin universe. If champagne and cognac houses compete for new ideas to present their bottle, never, has a gin been offered in a box, before Melifera. No more need for tedious gift wrapping. Let yourself be tempted but this new box, sublimating the gin and the bottle you love so much.

4 – Because the Melifera Box, additionally to its beauty, was thought of like a story narrated to allow you to enter an enchanting universe

The dunes, the warm sand, the sun, the sea, the immortelles and the bees. This box tells the tale of Melifera, its inspirations and singular universe through soothing colours, gold engravings and minimalistic luxurious design. This case opens up elegantly to reveal its secrets, treasures and stories to satiate your curiosity. An enticing first taste.


5 – Because Melifera will twist you summer aperitifs

Dad, mom, family and friends…every on will love the Melifera gin. To drink alone in a nice glass, with only a squared ice cube or in a cocktail. In need of new ideas? Melifera thought of everything and slipped its best recipes and advice in this new box. You can access them directly by scanning the QR code printed on the box.

6 – Because you share the same convictions as Melifera, a committed brand

Since its creation, Melifera gives meaning to its brand and shows how committed she is to nature and biodiversity. Because the immortelle flower is so dear to us, we can not harvest it in its wild state, Melifera planted its fields in the North-West of the island of Oleron. It is also on this territory the black bees are protected in a conservatory. Logically, Melifera is devoted to preserving it.

7 – Because it is more than a gift, Melifera is an experience

No further explanation is needed. You have already understood through the list of reasons cited above. Happy father’s day to all!


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