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Dreams of summer

A fragrance with a thousand stories

Melifera offers an olfactory stroll among the dunes, a sensory journey toward  simple, pleasant, authentic moments. It is a delicate sea mist that transports you to an island, a far-off place, before gradually lifting, leaving you to enjoy a moment of radiant sunshine.

An emblematic yellow color that is both peaceful and luminous. The comforting smell of returning from a day at the beach where you spent the day laughing with friends.

The immortelle flower, the original inspiration for Melifera, evokes our most beautiful emotions. The character of a premium gin gives depth and body to the overall flavor.

The botanicals used to make Melifera are all native species, grown locally and organically, and picked by hand. As in the perfume industry, we use a fruit still to extract every last bit of aroma and bring out all the delicate flavors.

The tasting experience

A bewitching fragrance and character

Our gin is clear and shiny in appearance. When it comes into contact with ice, it becomes slightly more opaque, the sign of a gin with strong aromas.

A perfect blend of power and elegance, the subtle, full-bodied floral bouquet of Melifera transports you before giving way to a delicate flavor that conjures up memories of your past.

The first aroma is that of the freshly cut immortelle flower, which eventually gives way to a balanced gin.

When you taste it, the body is round, smooth, and aromatic. Our organic juniper comes through in the fruity notes. The core is very complex. The immortelle flower is the predominant flavor, followed by notes of fresh mugwort, cardamom, and a very slight salty taste.


Our cocktails

How to enjoy Melifera gin

Our gin is best enjoyed slightly diluted, served with a solid ice cube with lime zest, yuzu, or a sprig of lemon grass.

You can also use it to elevate your Negroni, or simply mix it with a slightly bitter tonic.

Our gin, the only organic gin distilled with immortelle flowers, lends itself to the creation of unique cocktails. Its flavor profile and high quality production will tickle your senses: let yourself be surprised as you discover its identity.


Drinking too much alcohol can be harmful to your health.
Please drink responsibly.

Our packaging can be recycled.
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