Tonic water: Melifera’s selection to enhance your gin

Our favourites! Melifera presents seven premium brands who offer the best choices of tonic for your gin. Local or international houses, ancestral or a “new generation”, that’s share quality standards, fine craft and a sense of creativity. A small selection of “grand crus” of this tonic water which will reveal all the scents of the gin and make its favourite cocktail sparkle. Tested and approved by Melifera.


This start up, founded by Meriadec Buchmuller, is on the rise. In a time where the heart strives for local and natural, the promise of its tonic waters echoes: issued from French expertise and 100% bio. No addition, no bubbles, no colorants. Hysope cultivate the art of French craftsmanship: Provincial aromas selected by flavourist from Grasse – the perfume capital of the world – a printer in Britain and a bottler near Cognac.
Additionally, it sources natural, organic products from responsible farms and all of its recipes are labelled ECOCERT (leader of organic certifiers in France).

For tonic water recipes will bubble up your gentle. In store: the classic tonic water with its slight bitterness and its balance between the distillation of the plant and a dash of sweetness, the elderflower tonic water with a very subtle and herbaceous sweetness, the cucumber tonic water, fresh and well rounded, and finally the Sicilian lemon tonic water mimicking a stroll through a citrus field.

Four tonic water recipes will bubble up your ginto. In store: the classic tonic water with its slight bitterness and its balance between the distillation of the plant and a dash of sweetness, the elderflower tonic water with a very subtle and herbaceous sweetness, the cucumber tonic water, fresh and well rounded, and finally the Sicilian lemon tonic water mimicking a stroll through citrus fields.

Melifera’s recommendation :

“A true connection for Hysope with whom we will collaborate for our next gift set… a little more patience, your Gin & tonic gift set will be here for summer!

Among its tonics, choose the classic tonic water for its balanced bitterness and slight sweetness and neutrality which perfectly lets our floral gin express itself. To be more creative, you can also opt for the tonic water with elderflower or tonic water with lemon both, very subtle.”


The London essence company

It all began in 1896 on the banks of the Thames. The London Essence Company specializes in creating refined essences for the leading perfumers of the time. Expertise and manufacturing secrets that the English house will soon put at the service of gastronomy. A master in the art of distilling and layering aromas, the London Essence Co signs natural essences known for their flavor and complexity. With one priority: authenticity. In its collection of low calorie, light and balanced mixers with distilled botanical essences and fine bubbles, there is no room for artificial sweeteners. The emphasis is on distilling the best plants to capture the pure aromatics. Developed to sublimate the best gins, the collection offers three classic and contemporary tonics, Classic London Tonic Water, elegant with its signature distilled essence of juniper, Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water, very aromatic thanks to cold-pressed grapefruit oils and its distilled essence of rosemary and Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water, carried by the subtle sweetness of distilled elder flowers associated with tangy notes of blood and bitter orange.

Melifera’s recommendation :

“ The London essence company offers excellent mixers, light and balanced, very much in harmony with the gin. Opt for the Classic London Tonic water, elegant and sweet with its juniper note, that enhances the singularity of our gin. We also love it’s low-calorie content (no more than 5 g of sugar for 100 ml) ”


The star of tonics for international bartenders. Without a doubt fever tree which, for seven years in a row, continues to collect praises. The highly prized
Drinks International Awards, who’s jury is made up of the best bars in the world, have just crowned It number one for best selling tonic waters and
trendy tonics. The story begins in England in 2004, with Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow and an undeniable statement: “ if tonic constitutes 3/4 of your gin and tonic why not mix it with the best”? These two talents then started looking into the old collections of British libraries and discovered indications of places where quinine was produced. Their working method, which combined research, travel, and meetings allowed them to discover a
plantation of fever trees deep in the democratic republic of Congo producing the purest quinine used by Fever-Tree.
With a passion for quality, Fever-Tree creates tonics that contain no sweeteners, preservatives or other artificial flavours. Only pure cane sugar,
spring water, quinine and natural botanical oils make up its wide range which goes from premium Indian Tonic Water, to Aromatic Tonic Water with it
sweet bitterness given by the bark of Angostura from South America. It also includes. “Refreshingly Light” versions of its various recipes. Recipes that
fever tree allows you to explore at a lower cost with his tasting set.

Melifera’s recommendation :

“ How to resist such expertise, and formidable immersion in a premium, new generation, tonic universe? We love combining Melifera with Fever-Tree’s premium Indian Tonic or the Mediterranean Tonic fever tree, which is a bit more seasoned. “


When three old friends decide to create a tonic together, it is already an adventure. An adventure which becomes even more singular when one of these
three men takes over the family distillery, implanted near Cognac since 1830, succeeding five generations. The idea was to put to use the distillery’s
craftsmanship to create Archibald, a totally different tonic. A distillery tonic, bio and French, made with artisanal craftsmanship and a huge particularity: no quinine used to obtain bitterness, but gentian roots and juniper berries, distilled then blended with local spring water, and carbonated to obtain extremely fine bubbles. In Archibald, everything is French! Archibald, the Original, possesses a unique signature taste, not too sweet, with a slightly marked bitterness and pronounce herbal notes. Archibald is also launching batches. First limited edition, a tonic with gentian and bergamot distillates, aged in old oak barrels which gives it a more powerful and typical touch while remaining slightly less sweet. Beyond its products, Archibald, committed and responsible, wants to “bring back a smile on people and the planet with positive and responsible adult drinks!”. Nice program!

Melifera’s recommendation :

“We share Archibald’s commitment, its positive spirit and expertise in French local and organic craftsmanship. Its very low sugar level, makes it an ideal tonic to drink with Premium Gins.”




What brings together a Chicago blues guitarist/music producer/ Festival co-founder, an avant-garde cognac producer and an expert in international trade? First it’s the same passion for the spirits Valley, this world famous cognac region, where know-how in the fields of spirits is elevated to the rank of art. And since 2018, the Artonic house. Through this brand, Larry Skoller, Jean Pasquet and Marion Duband have put all their craft, artistic, and commercial skills to embark on an adventure that resembles them. Artonic launched its first range of premium organic French mixers. 100% natural and local with low calorie content, the collection was created and produced by a distiller/seller master, from pure and local spring water from Gensac, with a sophisticated blend combining natural quinine , fruits and plants. Three recipes are available: Indian Tonic Water, a classic version with notes of bitter orange and Grasse rose, Cucumber Tonic Water, a refreshing twist with natural aromas of cucumber, orange and ginger, and Lemon Lavender Tonic Water , a nice marriage between yellow lemon from Spain, lime from Cuba and lavender from Provence.

Melifera’s recommendation :

“ A brand from Charente, of course we love it! We recommend the Indian Tonic Water which lets the aromatic range of our Gin express itself. “

La French svp

Same credo for the French s’il vous plait: a love for local French craftsmanship, a desire to work with natural, organic, high quality and
gourmet products, a desire to create, to invent, to discover subtle matches to sublimate the spirits. It all started in 2017 in La Baule with Jean-Paul
Müntz-Berger, alias Polo, who, from his 2m02 height, puts his 30 years of expertise in the field of C.H.R. at the service of a “real French tonic”. The
French svp joined the world of mixers with five non-negotiable beliefs: taste, quality, organic (AB label), French and for everyone! Very slightly
sweet, its French tonic recipe, with extra fine bubbles, made from natural quinine aromas, offers fresh and elegant flavours while developing a refined and controlled bitterness, prolonged by delicate sweet notes.

Melifera’s recommendation :

” It’s organic, it’s French, it comes from the West. Again, we approve when it’s done so well ! “




The origin of Fentimans is not a very common one. In 1905 England, an unpaid loan allowed Thomas Fentiman to become gain ownership of a unique ginger beer recipe given as collateral. Thomas Fentiman knocked on every door to commercialize his new beverage with his horse and his cart. The beer was presented in stone jars bearing the image of “Fearless”, the family dog. If Fearless still remains on Fentimans’ bottle, it is because Eldon Robson, Thomas Fentiman’s grandson brought this historic house back to life. The advantage of Fentimans? Its authenticity and craftsmanship based off an ancestral manufacturing technique called botanical brewing. It is a combination of blends of natural ingredients, infusions and fermentation. If Ginger Beer is always made according to the family recipe, Fentimans also surprises his public with original creations such as the subtle Rose Lemonade or the Curiosity Cola with cinnamon accents. To sublimate a gin, it is from the tonic waters you need to choose from, such as Premium Indian Tonic Water
For example. You could also chose to discover the rose, yuzu or even pink rhubarb flavours.

Melifera’s recommendations :

“ We love that this British brand communicates. We love that she completely reinvented herself while preserving its authenticity and family values. If the Premium Indian Tonic Water is perfect for Gin & Tonic, the Elderflower Tonic gives it a very much appreciated subtlety. “

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