The Valentine’s Day cocktail for a Love & Gin night


This year, it’s decided, love is celebrated with a gin-based cocktail. Forget the well too famous rouge passion and bet on the golden, luminous, and mysterious immortelle flowers, soaking in your Melifera gin, to surprise your other half. Ideal to declare or rekindle love.

A Valentine’s Day cocktail that makes love bubble

Valentine’s Day: you either hate it or love it. Some believe in grand gestures to celebrate love while others dislike this imposed celebration. Melifera puts everyone on the same page with a bright and captivating Valentine’s Day cocktail. While red is the color of love, yellow is the color we propose to celebrate your pair. This sun-gorged yellow, of warm sand and the mythical immortelle that represents our 100% bio, gin from Charente. At your side, for this unforgettable night, we offer our interpretation of the Army & Navy, one of our star cocktails.

A sports meet, at the origin of our Valentine’s Day “Army & Navy”

The origin of this cocktail, according to legend, was one of the first American football university sports meet, the “Army and Navy Game”, which still exists to this day. This game opposed, WestPoint Academy and its Black Knights against Annapolis Academy and its navy midshipmen. The cocktail is said to have been created at the end of their first meet, in 1890, to celebrate the players before their leave to defend their country’s colors. A meet? Very fitting for Valentine’s Day don’t you think?



A simple and delicious Valentine’s Day cocktail

This cocktail is a marriage of gin, lemon and orgeat that delicately reveals the floral notes of Melifera. Delicious and easy to drink, it is also as simple to make. Here is the recipe. Ready to let yourselves be guided? In the first place, chose the right glass. We suggest a cocktail glass, better known as a Martini glass, a goblet in the shape of a flared cup. Remember to cool it with crushed ice. Meanwhile, pour 50 ml of Melifera gin, 20 ml of lemon juice, and 20 ml of orgeat syrup into a shaker. Shake the shaker vigorously for a few seconds, then pour this mixture into the previously cooled glass.

Our little secrets for a perfect Valentine’s Day apero

To perfect the Valentine’s Day cocktail, here is a little tip: make the orgeat syrup yourself. Once again, simple, quick, delicious, and impossible to mess up. All you need to do it mix 160ml of almond milk (no added sugar or salt), 120g of white caster sugar, 2 teaspoons of bitter almond flavoring and 4 drops of orange blossom extract. Finally, don’t forget the Melifera touch for the “wow effect”, by decorating your glass with a few immortelle flowers. A garnish very fitting for the evening’s theme: the celebration of a love that never dies!



The Melifera touch for a legendary Valentine’s Day

You are still missing a little something to make this night truly unforgettable and to enhance you Valentine’s Day cocktail. Use the immortelle flower’s powers and play on its many legends to bring a historical and royal touch to your romantic aperitif. Our idea? Weaving Melifera’s symbolic crown of immortelle flowers. You know, the one that appears around the neck of the gin bottle. The homage to Alienor of Aquitaine, and her marriage to Henri Plantagenet in 1152. To celebrate her union, the former queen of France and future queen of England is said to have braided a crown of immortelle flowers, a symbol of spiritual wealth and fertility. So run, don’t walk to your closest florist, and look for immortelles to make this crown. Much more original than the traditional bouquet, isn’t it?

The Melifera set to enjoy your Valentine’s Day cocktail

One last little tip if you haven’t found the perfect gift. Melifera has thought of everything with its gift set. This elegant case contains its magnificent 70 cl bottle combined with a pair of tumbler glasses. You can buy it from our selection of wine merchants, in particular in “Le Repaire de Bacchus” stores.

Convinced by Melifera’s interpretation of Valentine’s Day? Then don’t waste a minute more and get to work!

The abuse of alcohol can harm your health, consume in moderation.

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