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Artisanal gin made with immortelle flowers

Imagine an ethereal, windswept island, wild yet gentle. Let yourself be transported by the warmth of the dunes, the mist of the Atlantic Ocean, and the beauty of the golden sands.

Melifera lives on this island. It invites you to give in to your imagination and let yourself dream. It transports you to a far-off land and helps you become more in tune with your emotions.

Melifera is dedicated to preserving this island and respecting its environment. It takes you on an enchanted journey, sharing with you the fragrance, the flavor, and the history of the immortelle flower.


An island

The beginning

Melifera was born on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.

A timeless, wind-battered fortress of an island.

Surrounded by the harsh yet protective natural elements of the wind and sea, this island is home to a hidden treasure: The Immortelle Flower.

From the moment we plant the seeds in the ground to the moment you take your first sip, Melifera takes you on a quest to find meaning, one that will elicit all your senses along the way. This premium gin, made artisanally in a way that respects and enhances the local ecosystem, represents our strong commitment to nature.


A flower

An encounter

Melifera is the result of an encounter with the immortelle  flower.

This flower that grows on our sand dunes was the main source of inspiration for our gin: because its color conjures up images of walks through beautiful landscapes, because its floral scent transports us, and because its personality perfectly reflects our desire for resilience.

The immortelle flowers, a symbol of a fragile yet infinite life cycle, are picked by hand on the island of Oléron and distilled artisanally. Melifera is a commitment to developing the cultivation of immortelle flowers on the island and preserving its natural resources.

It is also a high quality gin with bold floral notes and an intense flavor That reflects the invigorating sea air and the wild island where it comes from.


A legend

A sacred union

To tread upon the dunes scattered with immortelle flowers is to dive into the legend of this remarkable plant.

This eternal flower, both strong and fragile, has borne witness to some of the most beautiful moments in history. It was once used to adorn the crowns of princesses and seal marriage unions.

Melifera is a premium gin born of the alchemy between the immortelle flower and a mythical land, the island of Oléron, which gives it its unique, emotional flavor.

To discover a bottle of Melifera is to take part in this daydream and let yourself be transported on a magical journey.



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