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Immortelle plants

A local footprint

We offer an eco-friendly, socially responsible product created by a community that makes doing great work a priority.

To contribute to the sustainable development of the island and promote its growers, we are committed to planting our own immortelle flowers, as we have for many years.

It is our way of celebrating timelessness, the timelessness of a magical place and that of the immortelle flower, with its unique fragrance.

Immortelle flowers grow in the valleys between the dunes, moving with them as the sands shift over the course of hundreds of years, a symbol of the endless circle of life in which we are all interconnected.


The European dark bee

Apis Melifera Melifera

Melifera places great importance on the preservation of biodiversity. In keeping with the symbolism of the immortelle flower, which represents life, we play an active role in the efforts to protect European dark bees on the northern part of the island.

In the context of responsible farming, flowers and bees are also part of the circle of life.

The name ‘Melifera’ is also a tribute to these valuable creatures.


Our projects

Stabilization of the sand dunes

Inspired by the generosity of nature, we want to give back by taking action to protect the coast and coastal landscapes.

We must work to preserve this island we love.

Since the beginning, Melifera has always striven to combine running a business with doing the right thing, and to find meaning in what we do.

This extends well beyond merely planting. We also intend to contribute to the natural reinforcement of the sand dunes. European Marram Grass and Helichrysum Stoechas, better known as shrubby everlasting or immortelle, are two natural solutions for the stabilization of sand dunes that we wish to shine a light on. If you, too, want to help protect our coastlines, you can join us in our efforts…



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