A scent of many stories


Melifera is an olfactory walk through the dunes, a sensory journey towards simple, wholesome and authentic moments.

It is the desire to capture the sweet scents of a walk back from the beach, filled with laughter, oblivious joy, of moments shared with friends, and to distill them in a premium Gin.

Rediscover the immortelle scents, Melifera’s original inspiration, and remember its iconic yellow color, conveyor of forgotten memories.

A commited dream


Melifera’s story is also that of a desire to give meaning to what we do, to do good.

Values such as respect are at the core of this adventure.

Respect for our producers, by integrating them into our project and developing local partnerships.

Respect for our ecosystem, by meeting the criteria of the Ecocert label.

Respect for the product, the flower and its distillation to create a timeless spirit.

Similar to perfumers, we use a fruit alembic to extract all the aromas and share their graceful flavors.


Our immortelle plants


In order to participate in the sustainable development of the island and to promote its producers, we are committed to planting, as we have done for several years, our own vines of immortelle in the North of Oleron.

As the immortal grows naturally in the hollow of the dunes, it is protected, and wild picking is prohibited.

Planting our immortelle flowers and collecting them by hand is our way of celebrating timelessness. Timelessness of a magical place, the immortelle flower and its distinct scent.


Protecting the black bee

Apis Mellifera Mellifera

At Melifera, we are committed to preserving biodiversity. In line with the symbol of life that is the immortelle, our local commitment contributes to the preservation of the black bee in the north of the island.

We support the Black Bee Conservatory in Oleron and donate part of our income to fund genetic tests.

More resistant than hybrids, it is however only when identified that these black bees can be protected.

Through a respectful and reasoned cultivation, flowers and bees participate in the cycle of life.

Melifera also pays tribute to these precious workers


Our projects


Melifera is a brand committed to the preservation of its original territory. Driven by nature’s generosity, she wishes to give back by getting involved in actions aimed to protect the coastline and coastal landscapes.

As lovers of this island, it is essential for us to participate in its sustainability.

Since the Melifera adventure began, we have sought to combine business and conscientiousness, to further the quest for meaning that is this activity.

Beyond our plantations, our project is to contribute to the natural strengthening of the dune environment. We are working with local authorities of Oleron and the National Forestry Office to develop joint actions to preserve the dunes.

(If you want, like us, to get involved in the defense of our coasts, join us…)


If you think like us


If you too, share the idea that highlighting local producers makes sense, that product traceability is important,
and that the preservation of the ecosystem is essential.


Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health.
Drink responsibly.

Our packaging may be subject to recycling instructions.
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