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The best glass to enjoy your gin and tonic


Do you dream of enjoying the perfect Gin and tonic? Well, you already have your favorite Melifera Gin, a good tonic and the garnish, but do you have the best glass for your gin and tonic? One who’s shape will optimize the aromas’ diffusion, the visual and in mouth experience. We present a series of different glasses, that work well for ginto and other gin-based cocktails.

Different glasses to savor gin

This is a given for all, you will not serve a red wine in a highball glass nor a mature cognac in a champagne glass, yet choosing the right glass for your drink might not be as easy as it sounds. No random choices! The spirit world has its own set of rules one should abide to. To make it simple, here are the five best glasses to enjoy your Gin.

The highball, a tall, straight glass with a flat bottom, with a capacity varying from 20cl to 40cl. It is used for long drinks combining alcohol and softs and other cocktails where 4 to 5 ingredients can be associated.

The tumbler (aka rocks, old fashioned or low ball), smaller, wider and possessing a flat bottom as well is often chosen for pure alcohols, “on the rocks” or “straight up”.

The cocktail glass, aka the martini glass, a stemmed glass in the shape of a flared cup and usually small in size, makes it possible to serve cocktails prepared from the shaker without ice.

The XXL balloon glass, a large-capacity stemmed glass that can hold up to 820 ml, allows you to drink your cocktail with plenty of ice cubes.

Finally, the mule cup, a copper cup helps keep your mule very cool, completes this list of must-haves

Mixologist tips to put your glass to good use

You now know the different visual aspects of the glasses presented to enjoy your cocktail. Here are some tips, that may seem like common sense but make the difference when applied. Take the word of a mixologist! For this, 4 essential rules apply:

  1. Use a glass adapted to your cocktail
  2. Check the overall state of the glass: the shine, cleanliness, and absence of cracks
  3. Hold your glass at the base or at the stem to avoid touching edges that will meet the consumer’s mouth
  4. Use a glass at the right temperature. Out little trick, when serving a cocktail without ice is to use a cooled glass. Fill the glass with water and ice cubes, let cool while preparing, and before pouring the cocktail, pour out the water and melted ice cubes!
melifera gin fizz best glass for gin highball

Gin Fizz in a highball ©adca_apothecarybrewing_

Which glass is the best for your gin tonic (according to Melifera?)

Let’s get serious. You are getting ready to prepare a Gin Tonic. Remember? 120 ml of tonic water, 50ml of Melifera gin and ice. The ideal glass? For Melifera, we find two models particularly adapted to our recipes: the highball and the XXL balloon glass.

In its Gin and Tonic recipe, Melifera recommends a highball glass decorated with a quarter of roasted peach and a spring of lemon thyme. To awaken both the eyes and the taste buds! A highball also underlines our interpretation of Gin to Perfect, a version of gin and tonic magnified by lemon and honey, but also our various gin-based long drink recipes such as Gin fizz or Bloody Mary at the beach.

Yet, the XXL balloon glass gaining popularity! Widely used in Spain, this is the glass that will be used if you order a ginto on the terrace at La Butiq, La Moraleja, or even Madridou on the Costa Brava. A cocktail to be consumed like the Spaniards, with plenty of ice cubes. Like the rosé or champagne pools on the beaches of Saint-Tropez! Elegant, the XXL ballon glass gives a trendy side to your preparation while revealing the flavors and aromas. This is the glass that Melifera has chosen to manufacture for its professional customers.


Gin to perfect  XXL ballon glass ©melifera_

The best glass to enjoy your Gin in its pure state

A gin is alcohol infused with different ingredients, aromatic plants, fruits and other flowers … Powerful flavors, slightly bitter. And you, like some of our fans, may like your Melifera gin pure, letting all its aromas express themselves and this unique note of immortelle flowers that evoke so many emotions. The ideal glass then is the tumbler in which, according to your preferences and your desires, you can add or not a large ice cube, cut as a square. You will also choose the tumbler if you chose to succumb to the Italian accents of Negroni. Melifera shares with you an exclusive recipe invented by Lucie Noppe from Combat in Belleville which revisits Campari and Vermouth. As you can see, this glass is a must have in your bar. Even better, this is the glass Melifera chose to showcase its set that will be released for the holidays. Patience!


Cocktail konoisseur in a tumbler ©melifera_

When glasses steal the show

The gin glass icon, the cocktail glass was renowned in the 20s during the prohibition era in the United States. Rumor had it, it was the ideal glass to throw your alcohol discreetly during clandestine searches. It then became the martini glass, named after the famous cocktail. We like its small capacity, its long-stemmed foot allowing for an easy grasp and its large edges that allow for full expression of the aromas.

As a true icon, the martin glass took a turn for the better by being featured with James Bond, with the mythical Dry Martini based of gin and vermouth in Casino Royal.

A glass in which our Dry Charente, a subtle blend of gin and pineau, and our version of the Dry Martini fits perfectly. In La Mort aux Trousses, this glass welcomes an elegant Gibson – gin, vermouth, and white onions – in the hands of Cary Grant.

On the other hand, it is a stemmed glass, between the flute and the hurricane, which stars in Las Vegas Parano, with the Singapore Sling by Johnny Depp alias Raoul Duke, a long drink with gin, liqueurs, and juices. Finally, Casablanca overturns the codes since it is in a champagne flute that the French 75 is drunk, made with gin, champagne, lemon juice and cane syrup!

The last reference is to the mule cup, used for the London Mule. Even if we like it a bit less, this shape allows for the freshness of the coper to surprise your guests.

melifera army&navy cocktail best glass for gin

Cocktail Army&Navy in a cocktail glass ©Melifera

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